Jamar Hart | About Jamar Hart
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About Jamar Hart

Jamar Hart is an innovative stylist and fashion consultant based in Los Angeles. Throughout his career in fashion, Jamar has solidified himself as one of the industry’s up-and-coming visionaries and has been commended for his personal style.

Prior to moving to Los Angeles, Jamar Hart was known as a socialite in his hometown of Detroit, Michigan. Growing up in the Motor City had a huge influence on Jamar’s style as he found himself submerged in a culture where the music and entertainment industries thrived.

This gave him early exposure to trends and styles that he would utilize to leave his mark on the fashion industry in the years to come. Before he had the opportunity to work with Beyoncé and other A-list celebrities, Jamar began his career styling photo shoots for up-and-coming designers and personal shopping for professional athletes.

In 2014 Jamar decided to take a chance on himself by taking everything he learned in his time in Detroit and moving to Los Angeles. This move would allow him to begin working with other celebrity stylists and submerging himself in the world of fashion.

In his time in Los Angeles, Jamar has developed his personal philosophy when it comes to fashion. “I want to take fashion to a safe place. Being comfortable in your own skin is the essential element in that safe place.”


BE BOLD – Your clothes are more than just that, they are your chance to tell your story to the world. Clothing is an art form and needless to say a way of self-expression. If you are iconic in the way you express yourself the world is forced to stop, look & listen.


BE BRAVE – Fit in by standing out. There are no limitations to how over the top or how under the radar you should dress. There is a fine line between pushing the envelope and going with the flow, that line should be your runway every day.


BE YOU –  If you like it, you wear it because there are no rules in fashion. When you ignore the rules people will ask why and the stage is yours to tell your story. You are one-of-kind so act like it!

This philosophy is one that can be seen with the work he’s done with Beyoncé, Tina Knowles, Vanessa Simmons, Jeff Cumberland, Larry Sanders, Akeem Spence, Braylon Edwards, She moisture brand, BET Networks, E40, Neyo, Priscilla Renae, Busta Rhymes, Karen Civil, Crystal Westbrook.

Moving forward Jamar has only began to tap into his many talents. Using his charisma and forward thinking Jamar not only wants to take fashion to a safe place but he also hopes to use it as a vehicle to evoke change in the world, especially in communities like the one he grew up in. Keep an eye out for Jamar’s work on some of your favorite celebrities as well as the launch his own capsule of men and women’s pieces.