Jamar Hart | Celebrity Stylist | Luxury Brand Reseller | Men's & Women's Editorial Curator
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Celebrity stylist

From red carpets to private parties, Jamar Hart is the stylist responsible for some of the most iconic looks seen on celebrities like Beyonce Knowles, Karen Civil, Neyo, Braylon Edwards and many more.

Luxury Brand Reseller

Browse through a high-end assortment of items brought to you by Jamar Hart via his rolodex of exclusive designers and his strong relationships with some of the biggest brands in the industry.

Mens & Womens Editorial Curator

Check out Jamar Hart’s portfolio to get a glimpse at his work bringing brands to life and telling compelling stories through his creative direction.

Be Bold

Your clothes are more than just that, they are your chance to tell your story to the world. Clothing is an art form and needless to say a way of self-expression. If you are iconic in the way you express yourself the world is forced to stop, look & listen.

Be Brave

Fit in by standing out. There are no limitations to how over the top or how under the radar you should dress. There is a fine line between pushing the envelope and going with the flow, that line should be your runway every day.


If you like it you wear it because there are no rules in fashion. When you ignore the rules people will ask why and the stage is yours to tell your story. You are a one of one so act like it!